Saturday, June 7, 2008

Broken but on his way to fixed.

Last weekend we had a little accident...Noah my oldest (4 yr old) son fell from the monkey bars (hate those monkey bars)(and trampolines for that matter) and broke his elbow! Yikes, huh. Can you imagine. Of course I was at the grocery store and Daddy took the kids for a bike ride to the park! So here's Dad trying to walk his bike and push Noah on his, all the way back home! Kinda funny but not really, I guess. So I took him to the ER when I got home and yeppers a broken elbow. He was able to get in with the orthopedic surgeon the very next day and now has a cast from his shoulder to his hand for 6-8 weeks! (It's green so he totally thinks he's the Incredible Hulk!) The cast has in no way slowed him down, he's still wild as ever!