Friday, August 13, 2010

A Whole Batch of Cards!

Well, since I'm doing the whole blogging thing lately I thought I'd post a bunch of cards that I've had sitting in my documents folder waiting to be blogged about. The first one is an image that I colored when I took Paulabella's coloring class earlier this year, that would also be the day that my transmission went on my van and I had to call and get a ride home from my class but that's a whole nother post, anyway the great part was getting to color with Paula. She's great and I honestly already did alot of the things that she showed us but it's always great when you can color with a creative mentor! Anyway, I came home and made this card with my image. The Happy "Bee" Day Huggabug is from Stamping Bella and was a card that I made for my SIL/BFF for her birthday this year. The Beary Best Friend is also a Stamping Bella image and I too colored that one at the above mentioned coloring class, we didn't have time to make the cards so I brought this one home as well and made this card with the image. I made the first one and third one for two very special ladies that moved away this summer, they both just happened to have babies before they moved and I made them for a congrats type card. The last one was for my Mom for her birthday, this is one of those cards that I thought turned out just okay. It was my first attempt at the grass technique as well as trying to create the look of clouds in the background. Anyway, whatever. lol. I colored all of these with my prismas and OMS (which is my favorite way to color! So there ya have it now I can move these to the folder where they will make their new home to stay.

So okay, I know I haven't posted anything in sooo long and for that I am really sorry, You cannot imagine how my summer has turned out. Anyway, maybe I'll post about that another time but for today I thought I'd share a little about a new love that is sparking inside me. It's lampwork glass beads. Now when I get into something new three things always happen...ONE, I research it to death. I am online twenty four seven searching for the best glass beads to order, for the best books, where to get the best products and so on. TWO, I locate my mentor, this is the person or persons that I aspire to become like creatively, I think their work is close to perfection and exactly my style of whatever it may be. And last but not least, THREE, I do a major clean out of the current hobby to make money to get into the new hobby! Lol. Anyway, one of the beautiful ladies that I found is in the UK and her beads are just scrumptious! They are absolutely perfect, in fact I have been stalking her blog now for a week waiting for her to post the newest beads for sale so I can jump on the chance to purchase some. So, this morning I head on over there and guess what no beads for sale just yet BUT there are some to win! So, her name is Laura and if you head on over to her blog you too can sign up to win these beauties! Hope everyone's summer is going better than mine and I hope to be back to blogging regularly real soon!