Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beleive it or not...I'm still alive!

Hey there everyone First let me say to my followers, I'm so sorry for being MIA for the past few months. Really, there is no good excuse but just in case here's where I've been. Honestly it's just been a very hard couple of months for me and there's been alot of changes for me to get use to so I just haven't had time to use the computer. This year has been financially devastating for us as I am sure most of you understand, so in lue of that fact I have gone back to work. It has been a very easy transition for me in fact I really enjoy working again. However, with four children, a husband, and home to take care of it has left me no time for my passions or computer time. On a good night I stay awake long enough to get the kids tucked into their beds and then I'm out cold. Anyway, I am okay and I will try to post more often even if I don't have any art to show. I appreciate all the wonderful comments I have still received since I have been on hiatus, they really do mean so much to me. I love all my blogging friends and hope that you are all doing well this holiday season. I will be working on my annual Christmas letter soon and I will post that when I finish it. Merry Christmas!