Friday, August 13, 2010

A Whole Batch of Cards!

Well, since I'm doing the whole blogging thing lately I thought I'd post a bunch of cards that I've had sitting in my documents folder waiting to be blogged about. The first one is an image that I colored when I took Paulabella's coloring class earlier this year, that would also be the day that my transmission went on my van and I had to call and get a ride home from my class but that's a whole nother post, anyway the great part was getting to color with Paula. She's great and I honestly already did alot of the things that she showed us but it's always great when you can color with a creative mentor! Anyway, I came home and made this card with my image. The Happy "Bee" Day Huggabug is from Stamping Bella and was a card that I made for my SIL/BFF for her birthday this year. The Beary Best Friend is also a Stamping Bella image and I too colored that one at the above mentioned coloring class, we didn't have time to make the cards so I brought this one home as well and made this card with the image. I made the first one and third one for two very special ladies that moved away this summer, they both just happened to have babies before they moved and I made them for a congrats type card. The last one was for my Mom for her birthday, this is one of those cards that I thought turned out just okay. It was my first attempt at the grass technique as well as trying to create the look of clouds in the background. Anyway, whatever. lol. I colored all of these with my prismas and OMS (which is my favorite way to color! So there ya have it now I can move these to the folder where they will make their new home to stay.

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