Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Super Mom!

So if any of you know of Lauren Meader or visit her blog you will automatically see that she is oh so talented! Not too long ago she posted her Mother's Day card that she had made for her Mom and I just had to make my Mom one like it. Of course I changed it up a little to represent my Mom but the main idea came from her. I used a much busier paper for a backing as my Mom Loves Bling Bling! The inside contained all the meanings of the Bellas. In order from left to right, top to bottom...

1. She was expecting, there's a baby on the way!
2. She's here, A sweet baby girl. You are now a Mommy
3. This is how I remember my Mom every morning, sitting on the couch in her robe with her morning cup of coffee.
4. Here she is after about 15 min in the bathroom, ready to start her day.
5. She was the best Dr. whether she was administering my daily allergy shots or just fixin up my boo boos.
6. She was my ultimate teacher of life.
7. She was the party planner and showed me how to be a homemaker.
8. She is my best shopping buddy.
9. By her influence she taught me how to love the Lord. By her example I am now a child of God and I am saved by His grace.
10. She is my friend

She is my Super Mom!