Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank You Julie Brooks!

Please take a moment to watch this video, trust me, you will feel the spirit of the Lord move through this clip. I visited Julie Brooks blog today and found this video clip, thank you Julie for the blessing this afternoon, hope you don't mind me passing it on. I was so amazed by this I just couldn't help but pass it on. It stirred up so many things in me that I am actually having trouble getting it all out, if you can believe that! There are so many people that I know need encouragement and uplifting, this is for you if you fall in that category. The LORD is so good and steadfast, through all of the trials that this life may bring, he is there. There are times when I have to just sit still, close my eyes, and I swear I can almost feel him filling me up again and holding me in his arms. Thank you Jesus for those times. For along time one of my biggest struggles was figuring out how to hear the Lord. I wasn't sure how to know if what I was feeling was the Lord or pure emotion. I just kept asking Him, Lord, help me to know when you are here, speaking to me? I believe with all my heart that I now know the difference. If I may offer one little bit of advice today. Lean into Him when things are tough, speak to Him often, praise His name instead of using it in vain, seek him with your questions, read His word, better yet dwell in it. He will reveal himself to us if we would just ask. Will you ask him today? Our Lord is so full of Grace and Mercy, without Him we would be nothing! I will never forget the word Laminin!