Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whoo Hoo, More Giveaways!

Check out Laura's website for another great giveaway!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Whole Batch of Cards!

Well, since I'm doing the whole blogging thing lately I thought I'd post a bunch of cards that I've had sitting in my documents folder waiting to be blogged about. The first one is an image that I colored when I took Paulabella's coloring class earlier this year, that would also be the day that my transmission went on my van and I had to call and get a ride home from my class but that's a whole nother post, anyway the great part was getting to color with Paula. She's great and I honestly already did alot of the things that she showed us but it's always great when you can color with a creative mentor! Anyway, I came home and made this card with my image. The Happy "Bee" Day Huggabug is from Stamping Bella and was a card that I made for my SIL/BFF for her birthday this year. The Beary Best Friend is also a Stamping Bella image and I too colored that one at the above mentioned coloring class, we didn't have time to make the cards so I brought this one home as well and made this card with the image. I made the first one and third one for two very special ladies that moved away this summer, they both just happened to have babies before they moved and I made them for a congrats type card. The last one was for my Mom for her birthday, this is one of those cards that I thought turned out just okay. It was my first attempt at the grass technique as well as trying to create the look of clouds in the background. Anyway, whatever. lol. I colored all of these with my prismas and OMS (which is my favorite way to color! So there ya have it now I can move these to the folder where they will make their new home to stay.

So okay, I know I haven't posted anything in sooo long and for that I am really sorry, You cannot imagine how my summer has turned out. Anyway, maybe I'll post about that another time but for today I thought I'd share a little about a new love that is sparking inside me. It's lampwork glass beads. Now when I get into something new three things always happen...ONE, I research it to death. I am online twenty four seven searching for the best glass beads to order, for the best books, where to get the best products and so on. TWO, I locate my mentor, this is the person or persons that I aspire to become like creatively, I think their work is close to perfection and exactly my style of whatever it may be. And last but not least, THREE, I do a major clean out of the current hobby to make money to get into the new hobby! Lol. Anyway, one of the beautiful ladies that I found is in the UK and her beads are just scrumptious! They are absolutely perfect, in fact I have been stalking her blog now for a week waiting for her to post the newest beads for sale so I can jump on the chance to purchase some. So, this morning I head on over there and guess what no beads for sale just yet BUT there are some to win! So, her name is Laura and if you head on over to her blog you too can sign up to win these beauties! Hope everyone's summer is going better than mine and I hope to be back to blogging regularly real soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Verve release challenges!

Today is the Verve Stamps release party on SCS and so Julie (Vervegirl) created some sketches and a color challenge for this week. If I read correctly the winner of each challenge will receive a $30.00 gift card to the Verve store so I'm hoping my numbers are randomly chosen to win one! Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know, I know, Easter is over!

Okay, so I'm a little late! I just recently had time to make a few cards so I know I'm a little late but here it is anyway. I just love this little wagon filled with eggs. The funny thing, is that when I saw this stamp I thought of fresh farm eggs but when mu daughter saw it she said, "You should have colored them like Easter eggs!" I thought that was funny how everyone sees things a little differently. So maybe I'll make another card with pretty colored Easter eggs! (of course my time is limited with all the kids home this week) but it' worth a try. Okay, so have a great day everyone!

My Verve Contest Submission

So Verve is hosting a contest this week to celebrate their big release this weekend! You can go here to check it out! Anyway, this is my card that I made using a Verve stamp. I love this verse and at only $3.00 who can resist. This sketch is actually a Mojo Monday sketch that I never got around to making so I thought now's the perfect time. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend, ours was crazy and eventful, lots of family time and a broken wrist (for my oldest daughter) to top it off! All in all, we had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrap Quilt... No, Scrap Card!

So last Friday night I had a CTMH show to do. The ladies wanted to do a scrapbook page for their project so after I cut my pieces I ended up with quite a few scraps. I decided to use up my scraps by making some cards. I made this card for the new Mojo Monday sketch. I used the Unforgettable paper scraps (left over from the party) and of course another Ketto (Agnes Ketto) from Stamping Bella. I colored her using my ink pads and aqua painter and then added glitter to her wings and dress.

I also made this very simple card using some scraps. You can never have too many Thank You cards so that's what I made! I just love this paper pack but it is almost gone now so I promise I'll move on to something else soon! Hee hee Thanks for stoppin by and have a great day.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Occ - Better late than never, they say!

Hello everyone, How have you all been? I have been busy this week and now I'm heading into another busy week. I cannot believe the end of March is already here and we are coming up on Easter. I have got four Easter baskets to fill, Whew. Anyway, I got to sit today with a friend and make a card, that was so very nice. I used my new Ketto (of course) and let me tell you, I just love those Ketto's bunches and bunches. They are the cutest little stamps. I used some of my favorite paper from the latest CTMH catalog called Unforgettable. I also colored my Ketto in with my prismas and OMS. I used the OCC sketch from last week but I was too late to enter it. That's okay though, I just had a relaxing time making this card and that what matters most, right? Well, I must be going I can hear my youngest son yelling for me from his bed...Mommy?...Mommy? It's so incredibly cute. I wish you could here it. See you all soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Calliope Ketto! The new line from Stamping Bella! I love them so much, thank goodness for friends though, my girls ordered a bunch of them in fact them I think we almost have them all, I only ordered three (moneys a bit tight right now) but I got to stamp a ton of images last night and just in time for my Viva La Verve challenge. I was already playing around with this sketch and then when I got these Kettos in the mail it just completed the card.

I haven't had much time to create this week because my little Jonah (youngest of four) had to get tubes put into his ears yesterday and he's been pretty clingy. The surgery was fast and perfect and he came home from the hospital like nothing had happened but he has been pretty demanding with his one on one time with Mommy. That's okay though, their only young once and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he sits with me and watches Sesame Street or when he wants me to read a billion books! Anyway, I finished my card just before dinner and church and now here I am to present it to you. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today's Creative Agenda

I feel pretty productive today, Not only did I make two more cards but I also made a pair of valances for my girls bedroom! Whoo Hoo! I painted the girls room about a month ago and separated their bunk beds so that they could have their individual space not to mention I have a daughter who sleep walks and can no longer sleep on the top bunk due to the fact that she walked right out one morning. So, I looked everywhere for plain brown valances but had no luck so I bought some fabric to make the curtains but it sat in the bag for the past month. Well, today was the day that I decided to pull it out and get to work, a couple hours later and here's what we have!

Just thought I'd share a funny little picture with you. My girls are trying to use this pencil until it's completely gone and this is how much they have left! Hee Hee!

This card was made for the SCS sketch challenge this week. I just love the way this one turned out. The paper is basic grey and the stamped image is a cute little bunny that I got from Whipper Snapper. I colored this with my prisma's and OMS and finished it off with a prima flower and some pearls!

This is another image that I got from Whipper Snapper awhile back. I was going to use it for a valentine for my hubby (he's an angler) but I never got around to making him a card for Valentine's Day (I know, I know, I suck!) Anyway, I finally made him a cute little card with this guy. I haven't given it to him yet but I'm sure he'll love it! I also colored this in with my Prisma's and OMS and I used some more paper scraps from CTMH and some hardware and hemp from CTMH as well. Hope you have enjoyed your visit.and have a great night!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bellerific Friday!

Here is my entry into the Bellerific Friday Challenge on the Bella Blog! The picture this week was of really cool orange, green, and yellow scarves. As I was looking through my Bella's my rocker girl totally stood out, I knew she was the perfect girl for this challenge! I used my prismas and OMS to color here and some cool paper that I got at Michael's the other day.

Another Mojo Monday!

I made this card yesterday for the Mojo Monday challenge. I ended up loving this card. I have been trying to use paper that in my stash that I just HAD to have and then never used so this again is some old stampin up paper that I had. I think I may have an obsession with paper. ;O) Shhhh, don't tell!

OCC Challenge

So I have really been trying to come up with some simple cards and this weeks OCC challenge gave me the extra bump I needed to get that done. This weeks challenge is a limited supplies challenge so even though I did use one extra layer the official rule was three pieces of card stock. I made this bella one and used my prismas and OMS to color her in. I also used some of my stampin up paper that I have had forever.

This card was made because I love these simple layouts! This stamp set is another one of my favorites. It's bloomin beautiful from stampin up and I just can't get enough of this stamp set. I used my water brush and ink pads to color this one in and then added glitter to the centers of all the flowers. I don't think you can see it in the picture but it looks very pretty. I also used my score pal to make the diamond pattern on the base of the card which I learned from watching a tutorial on Amy Sheffer's blog here. Have a great day!

Viva la verve challenge #1

So here is my first attempt at the viva la verve challenge. The reason that I say, "first attempt" is because I ended up disliking this card once it was done. I thought that it would grow on me if I looked at it for awhile but, Nope! I just don't like it at all. Oh well, you win some you lose some, right? Anyway, when I get some more time I am going to try to make another card using this sketch.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Red Envelope Project

Hello, all of my friends and fellow bloggers, I have come across some information that has laid heavy on my heart over the past few days. This movement is called "The Red Envelope Project" and from my research was started my a man named Christ (pronounced like wrist) Otto. I am personally Pro Life but friends, please here me out even if you are on the other side of the fence about the issue of abortion. Those of you who have been following me for some time now, know that I am never shy about my convictions and beliefs and I couldn't be aware of this issue and remain silent. Our new President Barack Obama is awaiting the signing of a bill that will lift ALL restrictions on the state level on abortion. Do you hear what I am saying? This bill, if passed, will lift ALL restrictions on the state level on abortions. What does this mean exactly...Well, first of all this means that partial birth abortion will be legal. (Partial birth abortion is when the mother can choose to have an abortion procedure any time up and through the third trimester) I won't go into the details of how this is preformed for it is quite graphic. If you are interested in knowing you can google it. Are you kidding me, this is no longer pro-life/pro-choice. What else does this mean for American's? This bill will also lift the parental consent law. As it stands right now most of our 50 states has a law that says if you are a minor you must have parental consent to have an abortion. This will no longer be. This is also no longer a pro-life/pro-choice issue, this my friends is a parental issue. I for one, should my daughter end up pregnant, do not want my child to be able to do this without first coming to me for support. What about the fact that hospitals may be forced to preform abortions. That leaves both Dr's and nurses being forced to go against their own personal convictions and beliefs in order to save their jobs. This my friends is no longer a pro-life/pro-choice issue. This is am AMERICAN issue. We have had a ton of men and women die for your freedom and mine, for our right to serve whomever we choose and to live by our own convictions and moral beliefs. Please watch the video below and take a stand with me on March 31st.