Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gameboys and Toilets don't mix!

Okay, so the other day I notice that my one year old son had headed down the hallway with visions of the bathroom in sight. He had already been missing from the living room for a minute or two so I can only assume that the bathroom was where he had headed to since his big brother had just gone down there to use the potty. I sent my oldest daughter down to get him for me while I finished serving dinner and I hear, "Mom, Hurry!" I get down the hall to find my sweet little baby boy sitting in a puddle of nasty pee water from the toilet. The worse part of this story is that somewhere between the living room and the bathroom he got a hold of my youngest daughters pink gameboy and has played in the toilet with it! Are you kidding me? How do these things happen in a matter of minutes? Ohwell, I promised my sweet little princess that Mommy would replace it and so now as I list my beloved Longabergers on ebay, I sit and think, How I love those kids!

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