Monday, February 11, 2008

Poop & Blood!

Okay, so my girlfriend wanted to go to Archivers this past weekend which is a 40 min drive for us. My Mom had taken my girls for the night and would still have them but I still had the boys adn you know how that would go, right? Well, I decide after much consideration that I will just take the boys! Oh boy, was that a mistake! We don't even make it half way through the store when my oldest son who is 4 say's, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom and I pooped in my pants." What, are you kidding me! As I look over to him I see it dripping out his pant leg. I sweep him up and take off for the bathroom and start to get the mess cleaned up. I get it under control and head back out to the store! I just drove 40 minutes to shop here and I am not leaving until I see everything in this dog-gone store. So here we go, me and the stroller and my son with his pants turned inside out and wet, are off shopping again. We make it three quarters of the way through and now muffled with all the, I wanta go homes, I hear, "Mom, I have bleed coming out all over!" I look over and now he's bleeding everywhere! Who's cruel joke is this? So, here we are off to the bathroom again! Needless we left after that and I did, in fact, leave with some gorgeous prima flowers! We get them into the car and I look at my girlfriend and say, "The next time I say I'll just bring the boys, please just say,"Poop & Blood Kim, Poop & Blood!" We just laughed our way home!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, that must have been scary with the blood. I hope all was o.k. in the end.
JoAnn B. (