Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay so when I was pregnant with my son, my husband felt the need to warn me about the things boys do. He said,"when you look around, think of the most outrageous stunt that you can and I guarantee our son will try it, that's just how boys think!" I thought that was pretty funny. So now my oldest son is 4 years old (he'll be 5 in Oct) and today we went to Jami's house for a play date. Little does he know that it was really a play date for Me and Jami, hee hee. Anyway, we were there all day and when we got home it was time to start dinner. I head into the kitchen and he follows me with..."I'm Hungry". I say here's a banana go sit at the table. Here's where it gets funny. He was really quiet so I peek around the doorway and just as I do I see the banana peel on the floor and he getting ready to pull a cartoon move! He is seriously trying to slip across the hardwood floor on a banana peel! Are you kidding me? I was laughing so hard I could hardly tell him No. Anyway, who knew!


Beth said...

OMG!! My 6 (just turned) year old son did this yesterday! ON MY CARPET! ***sigh It was funny, until I realied the banana gutz were smooshed into my white carpet. Boys are strange creatures! I wonder about their ittle brains every day - along the lines of "what would EVER make you think to do THAT?" lol But, I wouldn't have it any other way!!;)

Stamp on, Sistah! :)

Rima said...

ROFL!! that is so cute & funny, I would have had a hard time telling him no in between laughing too!!

I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you... go to my blog & see what its all about!!


Beckie said...

Hi Kim, I'm Beckie, I have just joined the sisterhood 14. Looking forward to getting to know you, sounds like fun and games at your house, I have 1 little girl so don't know much about little boys!!!! But it sounds like fun.

jami said...

LOL! That is so funny. I love it. It will get worse, sorry:)

p.s. gotta love the "kids" play dates, same time and place next week?