Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Everyday!

As I walked into the living room today this is the picture that I saw. All six children playing nicely for a brief moment and I thought to myself, since I cannot post any artwork, I'll post this picture so you can see what my days look like! For most of the morning my living room looks as if a bomb went off but after lunch I am able to clean everything up and it's back to normal (that is until they all wake up!) Sometimes (most of the time) it is craziness but there are some calmer times like this one. Four of them are mine and I am so used to them that I do everything with them. If I need to run to the store for one thing or if I having a ton of errands to do we all head out together but adding two that are not yours puts a little bend in that. They are pretty good but it is definitely a challenge. Anyway, this is my life until 5:00 pm and then it's dinner, playtime, baths, and bedtime! AAhhh, then when it's time for me to enjoy a little time creating I usually crash on the couch! Hee hee. Oh well, gotta love it! Hope you all are having a great day!

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Vicky said...

how many kidz do u have????