Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Mini Makeover

I am the Infant room director at my church and about a month ago I was asked to make our infant room more inviting. Have I mentioned the fact that I have had a sick family for the past month? Well, it ended up taking me a whole month to get it done, I had everything ready and at my house within three days but that's when the sickness started. It went from one person to another and now one month later I am still dealing with sick kids. However, I was able to get up to the church today for a couple of hours to work(with the help of my dear friend Kathy)on putting everything up. I have to say, I was so excited when I was done. It looks so cute! I made a table topper and some curtains to match, I bought some wood letters and my sister painted them for me, and I made two signs. The before picture is not very clear but you'll get the idea. So anyway, it's so nice to have that all taken care of and now maybe I can get to my workspace (a little corner of our table) and get some cards or layouts done. I just got some new goodies and I can't wait to show you guys! Hope you all have a great night!


Stampvamp said...

Very cute! I like the color combo.

sherry said...

Kim that looks GREAT!